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At EOS, we don’t see the world how it is, we see it how it could be.

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EOS Education International is a unique platform that allows you to interact with like-minded colleagues around the world.

The member area is for any school around the globe who want to take part in a truly global conversation about putting students at the core of everything we do.
If you would like to join us, please get in contact with us.

We offer Intensive training to ensure that whole school turnaround is achievable over a period of days.

Learn about our 8 day course - Re-Desi8n

Inspired from intensive school turnaround work overseas, g:force (EOS School Re-Desi8n) guarantees to literally re-design a school in just 8 days, spread over a two-week period.

We provide learners with the necessary tools and environments to enable them to be flexible, choosing how, where and with whom they work.

Joining our Network

Through our network of world-class educators, schools and partners, we can lead you on your journey through leadership & classrooms coaching, training and Continued Professional Development, enquiry visits to other truly inspirational schools, conferences and the opportunities to network with leaders in the field of global educational excellence.

We provide opportunities to network and collaborate across the whole EOS network and with our wider community, sharing information freely.

Our International Schedule

Countdown to Australia

Countdown to America

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